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This little blog is about me, Hailey and my pursuit of happiness. I've decided to move on from modeling and to a new chapter of my life, artisry. I paint, I take pictures and I enjoy junking for vintage goods. All of this is done with lots of day dreaming in between.

I have a shop on Etsy that I just opened up in Feb 2009 and I am excited to see where it goes from there.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where has Hailey been?

Dear Friends,

I know it's been several weeks...ok, like a month since I blogged but I have a really good reason.

Early July my darling fiance and I left town to go on a great expedition, a great adventure for 3 weeks. We had been planning this trip since last fall. Our list of things to buy so to be ready began months ago.

Cool Backpacks ......... check!
First Aid Kits for each bag ......... check!
-40 Sleeping bags (a bit excessive for summer but who knows where we may go) ........ check!
Magnesium Stick for making those fires ............. check!
Emergency Blankets ..... check!
Flashlights ...... check!
Dried Food .... check!
90 seconds to boil water expensive thing that's really cool ......... check!
Water purifier ....... check!

....well, you get the idea.

Fortunately we didn't need to use much of any of this stuff... but we were ready for just about anything.

Okay, are you dying to know where we went now? We started here in beautiful Utah and drove to Homer Alaska. 62 hours of nearly straight driving, a few "space food" meals .... a few bathroom breaks, a couple little naps, way too many sunflower seeds and potato chips, and lots of fantastic scenery later.... we were in Homer Alaska. The journey had only begun.

Over the next few days, I will be write a blog daily about our adventures, experiences along with pictures from our adventure. I hope you enjoy this and my future blogs.

Thanks for reading...

hailey rose

... check my store, I have a couple photos listed in my shop from my trip!

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