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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Tires Hit the Pavement

The day before we left was a hectic day. Darren was at work, I was getting new tires on the truck. The oil had been changed, fluids checked. We found a truck shell last minute, took Kenai in to get her Health Certificate (that nobody cared to see, $70 later), bought ice, got groceries... etc.

Darren got off work late that day, of course. Of all days to get off late...it's the day we are leaving. To make matters more chaotic, our German Shepherd got suddenly sick and decided she was to leave this world so before we could go, we had to respectfully lay our sweet Sage to rest. RIP Sweet Sage!
We had planned to be on the road by 5 p.m. but ... we didn't hit the road until about 10:00 p.m.

We drove and drove until we couldn't drive anymore. Darren found a great
little spot just south of Butte Montana for us to catch a few hours of sleep in the cab of the truck. It had been warm we didn't think to pull the sleeping bags out...but we FROZE our butts off. Montana is COLD, (least where we were) even in the summer! So, FYI, a fleece blanket and being fully
clothed is not enough to stay warm on a summer night in your truck in Montana.

The morning sunrise was beautiful.
Montana in general along the I-15 was beautiful. We crossed into Canada pretty fast after leaving Butte. The Canadian Border guy was a good looking blonde hair blue eyed man in a uniform sitting in a little booth. He smiled and started firing away questions...

The good looking border guy asks, "Passports?" I handed him our passports, he quickly looks at them and scans them into his machine. "Where are you headed?" my mind calculates...where? well, when tonight? tomorrow? in 2 days? ...
"uhh..Alaska" I answer. "Where are you coming from?" Again...it's such an open question with so many answers but I think I know the answer, "Utah." He asked us a variety of questions "How long are you going to be in Canada?" etc. .... Finally he handed us back our passports and said, "Have a nice trip." Perhaps the answers are clear to some people, but I analyze every word in a question....and think of all the plausible answers and try to figure which answer is the best one. Darren says I totally over think things.

"OH CANADA....." and we were driving through Alberta. The scenery was plain and wide open much like how northern Montana had looked. For some reason I had though it was going to look different. Like as though the second you cross the border into another country it would be different...but with a little more thought I decided my ideas were a little far fetched and illogical geographically speaking.

The first sign we took note of was the one that said 100 km/hr ... double check your speedometer my friends. That's not MPH. 100 km/hr is equivalent to about 60 mph which was what the speed was through most of Canada. The next issue was gas for the truck. At a quick glance one from America may jump for joy at the sight of $1.00 on a gas station sign but a closer look shows this is per liter, not per gallon. The U.S. dollar by this point had softened or the Canadian Dollar was stronger, which ever way you want to look at the spectrum of things so it worked out to be almost 1:1 ratio on exchange rate. In the end, we were paying about $4.00/gallon for gas through Canada.

So far we hadn't seen much for wildlife. We hadn't gotten very far yet, and it was still pretty civilized feeling but that was going to change soon.

More tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

Hailey Rose

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