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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homer Alaska

Homer Alaska is as far South as the road system extends from Anchorage. This is where the road ends. You cannot go any further by car, simple as that.

I have heard, although I cannot prove that actor Clint Eastwood had a vacation home here in Homer and Tom Bodett, the "we'll leave the light on for you" Motel 6 guy use to (maybe still does?) have a home here. Tom Bodett was actually the one who kind of "put Homer on the map" sort of speak. According to Tom Bodett's tales, Homer is the "End of the Road" and is "at the end of the Sterling Highway surrounded by wilderness and ocean."

Homer Alaska is well known in many circles, by many people all around the world. Although the town isn't as quaint and small fishing village feeling as it once was 15 years ago when my father and I first went up together, the town still maintains that feel in some ways. Some of the "nick
names" Homer Alaska goes by are:

"The cosmic hamlet by the sea"

"The end of the road" - Tom Bodett

"Halibut fishing capital of the world"

and my favorite... "A quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem."

There is lots to do in Homer Alaska. Fill your days with Halibut fishing or bear viewing. Go catch a theatrical performance at Pier One Theater out on the Homer Spit. Take a walk down the beach or bicycle down the Homer Spit. Walk the boat harbor, go to the museum, go for a hike or enjoy some berry picking. There are some great horse back rides and four wheel trails. There really is so much to do and the list goes on.
Want a beer with the locals? Stop by the Salty Dawg Saloon out on the Homer Spit next to the Boat Harbor. Mingle with the fishermen fresh off the boat, hang your dollar bill on the covered ceiling and wall. Carve your name into the table and don't mind the underwear and bras hanging all about to remind you that things get wild in this little saloon. Enjoy some pool in the back or some darts. The local beer tastes pretty good too. A must stop and see, even if you don't drink.

While you are out on the famous Homer Spit, be sure to go see the Lands End Resort Hotel. It's literally at the Lands End of the road on the Homer Spit with a great view. Many places in Homer are more like a view with a room. The rooms are usually decent although I haven't stayed in one for several years and the food isn't something to write home about but at the least, go enjoy some soup, slow but nice service and the extraordinary view from their dining room. All of the boats go by here because it's the only way to the Harbor which makes for lots to see and enjoy, especially if you like boats like Darren and I do. We
enjoyed some clam chowder while watching the boats
come in.

The shops on the spit are fun for us girls to go through. Being an artist myself, I enjoy seeing
the locals art work on display in the many shops. They really tout the "Alaskan Artist" thing up there. Alaskan artwork varies from photography to carvings to paintings to sculptures to ... just everything. There are lots of artists in Alaska and I can see why. The views, the terrain, the life (minus the winter i think) is very inspirational. I work on inspiration, so that is important to me. I was looking for some fresh inspiration from this trip, and I found it.

We went to the Farmers Market one Saturday and really enjoyed the performance by Shamwari (i may have spelled that wrong but it was something like that). Caitlin really enjoyed it because she plays percussion, xylophone type instruments and some drums in school and does performances throughout the year. The performance was great. It wasn't just music. The musicians were full on entertainment to watch. They were really into the rhythm, the beat, the vibe, the feel. I wish I had my camera. I'd done what every photographer should never do and
that's leave the camera at home!! Bad move as I would have had some great photos to show you. The band consisted of several women, 4? and one guy. They were all really into playing their instruments and looked like they were just having a total blast! People were all gathered around, clapping to the beat, smiling, talking, laughing, little kids two and three years old were dancing about with rocks they'd picked up in their hands, and it had just a great overall fabulous vibe. The musicians very talented. We were amused by the man playing, he looked like a nice guy but it also looked like he really enjoyed his pot back in the day or maybe still does... haha, he had this spacey look, it almost didnt look like he was even playing, but then the next
song started and this clearly... was "his song" as he was really into it. It had a real up beat bongo wongo kind of rhythm and he perked right up and you could feel his excitement and enjoyment beaming off of him while he played. He looked so happy. You just had to be there really. It was a great performance. I would totally buy a CD from them but I can't find them online. :( The Farmers market was small and cozy. They had all sorts of veggies, herbs, and things I'm not sure what they were. There was some photography, bags, and other little things too. I didn't buy anything, nothing "spoke" to
me to purchase it so I didn't.

For lunch one afternoon we visited the Cosmic Kitchen. They have two locations. One on Main Street and one on the spit. I'd heard they served great breakfast but by the time we got there we could no longer order breakfast so instead we had some mexican food which really was surprisingly good. Even though the food was good, I'm not sure I'd go there again just because I had a hard time getting past the nice braless cashier girl who looked like it'd been a few days since her last shower and the cook with the long dirty dreadlocks. I'm not saying they weren't nice ... I'm just staying... I'm not into it. But, like I said, the food was good. I had a burrito and it had green beans in it among other veggies and it was quite delicious. I'd never had a Mexican
Burrito with green beans in it. We ate at the one on Main Street and sat outside on the deck. It was trying to rain and it was about 50 degrees. It was nice. While I
enjoyed the strangest burrito of my life I day dreamed about myself and my sisters having an Alaskan Restaurant up here one day. Maybe when we are all 60 years old or so, we'll do it for a mid life crisis thing. :)
While you are in Alaska, you just have to keep in mind that you are in Alaska. That may sound so obvious but when you get there, you'll know what I mean. You are in Alaska with it's great menagerie of people. You have all types. Hippies, "hairy unwashed bush people", artists,
natives, actors, fishermen, tourists from all around the world, Russians in their full traditional attire which is actually quite elegant looking... etc. But, that's kind of what makes it a cool vibe too. You CAN fit in in Homer Alaska. Wear whatever you
want, do or say whatever you want... and you fit in. It's comical, but serious and all in all, interesting. I LOVE Homer. I love Alaska, complete with all it's interesting people.

This is probably a long enough blog for today. I'll have more soon.

Thanks for reading.

Hailey Rose

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