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Friday, August 14, 2009

Gimps is what they call me now.

There's a part about this trip that I haven't told you about. A painful part and I thought I would share. It is kind of gross so I am warning you right now to not go any further if you have a sensitive stomach. :)

Two days before we began our amazing road trip I did something really stupid. It's one of those things that just happens within a split second and as soon as it happens you just know it's bad.

You hear this sickening SNAP! and POP! The pain shoots up, you feel the blood rushing and the heat building almost instantly all while you feel faint and about to pass out but you hold yourself together.

What happened? I sprained my ankle. I jumped off of a pickup tailgate. All of 4 feet and I landed wrong. My left ankle gave way, and my foot twisted underneath with all 140 pounds and the force of inertia coming down on it all at once. It was bad. Real bad but I had hay to pick up hay on the tractor so I kept going. I worked for another couple hours picking up hay and it was painful the whole time. I literally could not walk on it and every hop I took made me want to pass out or throw up or both. But, I made it... got most of the hay in and went home. I was so mad at myself! How could I do this right before the trip of our lifetime. I was mad, so mad I bawled. I felt like I was going to ruin this whole trip for poor Darren. And sweet Darren, I don't know what I'd do without him in my life, was so sweet and so kind and so perfect! I could never ask for a better man because there isn't a better one. He made me lie down, put my poor foot up, iced it all up just beautifully with frozen peas and corn, made me take some advil to help with swelling mostly and after all that he wrapped my ankle up so nicely with ACE bandage. He wouldn't let me go to work the next day and I am so glad he did because I would have gone in.

My ankle was fat, real fat and painful. I couldn't walk and it was so aggravating. I had so much to do. Things to load, pack, etc. By the day we were to leave it was feeling much better. The swelling had already gone down quite a bit. A purple color was setting in but I could actually gingerly walk around.

Once on the road though, I couldn't keep it elevated like I had been and the blood began to pool more and more. A pounding throbbing numbing sensation would start in my ankle and slowly creep up my leg more and more as I would drive. So then I'd stick my left leg up somewhat out the window and continue driving. Good thing nobody was around on the roads as I'm sure it would be an interesting site to see and probably illegal. Three days in a truck with a badly sprained ankle was not good for it. Are you ready to see the picture? Picture one is of me taking off the bandage and picture two...is my disgusting foot. I felt like my foot looked like it belonged to a walking ghoul or zombie. It looked dead but I could still more my toes... it was a strange feeling. My sisters were disgusted. But so sweet to help me around.
The black and blue was intense and went all the way into my toes and up my leg. My sisters soon came up with a fantastic nick name for me. GIMPS! and GIMPY. They would call for me and greet me like as though as was a puppy or something... "Aww! Gimps!!" it was kind of embarassing in public when they'd do it but I knew it was all love. So now you know, I've shared it with you. The painful part of the trip you now know about.

My ankle is still swollen but the black and blue and purple has gone away. I can walk pretty normal now but I cannot run without the pain bouncing up and down my leg telling me to stop. More like saying... "What the **** are you doing?" :)

Thanks for reading.

Hailey Rose
aka Gimps!

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